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Focus on sales and the right assignment

Flexibility and simplicity

Stable employer

Amazing employees 

 Personal and family company culture

Centrally located pleasant office

Fun at work!!


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Reflections from employees


" I chose to work at Condivo for a few simple reasons.
It is an employer with a family atmosphere where everyone knows everyone.
The organization is non-hierarchical where there is close communication from employee to manager and company management.
Condivo has an exemplary reputation with our customers and the contact network internally is therefore very large, which can lead to new exciting consulting assignments for our employees.
Then the annual conference with the whole company is the icing on the cake!"

Erik - System developer SAP


" I chose Condivo as my new employer as I was so pleasantly surprised by the unprestigious leadership. The company is also located at the top of a very nice turn-of-the-century building in the middle of central Stockholm in a quiet location and the feeling there is familiar. Most of the time I am out with the customer but it is nice that you are always so welcome in the office.

The culture within the company is welcoming. We have fun when we meet and we laugh a lot, I like that! One of my favorite activities is the "Conbio" movie nights, usually held at the office with some food, drinks and popcorn! A bit like being at home on a Friday night with the family!

The organization is reasonably large and everyone knows everyone, which was a positive surprise for me, who previously worked in a large global consulting company. In general, I like the simplicity within the company, it is easy to report time, make travel invoices and get in touch with both managers and colleagues. The management is friendly and caring while being honest and straightforward, which I really appreciate!

Another reason why I chose Condivo was the incredibly knowledgeable and interested colleagues, and now that I work in a team from Condivo in my current customer assignment, it feels so rewarding to have such competent colleagues around me. They are like living reference books in both maintenance and system knowledge.

I felt so warmly welcomed when I came to the company as a newbie, thank you for that!"

Ingrid - Application consultant SAP Logistics


" As an employee in a line role I felt that I missed consulting life. I was familiar with some employees at Condivo and knew that they would offer a flexible and inclusive work environment. Therefore, my choice was easy.

My assignment is at a telecom company within a major financial transformation, which is very exciting! I am more comfortable in a project than in a line role with routine work, so this assignment suits me perfectly. 

Condivo truly lives by its values – simplicity, safety and humility. The internal processes are set up so that the consultant's life should be as simple as possible and the decision-making paths are short. The managers are very supportive and always ready to answer various questions.

Interior design is one of my interests and really love our office! It is beautifully decorated, bright and offers an inspiring place to work. The location is also great!"

Ina - Application consultant/Project manager SAP Finance

"I think it's more fun to work at a slightly smaller company. Here there are shorter and smoother contact routes and quick decisions. 

Condivo also has good customer contacts and good assignments. 

A strong reason why I chose to work here is that I have so many colleagues in my area of SAP PM (Maintenance), which enables a nice exchange of experiences. 

​Then we have a good cohesion, which is also facilitated by the fact that we are not such a large company.  I'm having a good time, quite simply!"

Mattias - Application consultant/Project manager SAP Logistics

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